Bathroom Necessities

Goodbye Bathroom Gloom

Take the “rush” out of morning rush with our thoughtfully designed washroom accessories. Compact and smart, our products meet all your storage needs - keeping bathroom essentials dry, tidy and within reach

Use our diatomaceous bath mat that comes with super-absorbing material to soak up all the moisture and keep your feet dry all the time. Now no need to worry about water formation on your floor, use our absorbing diatomaceous bath mat and keep your home clean and safe.

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LOOK Make Up Organiser with Drawer
KLEAR Cosmetic Table Organiser
KLEAR Cosmetic Table Organiser
360 Degree 'ROUND' Make Up Holder
360 Degree 'SQUARE' Make Up Holder
Make Up Buddy (Single Tier)
Make Up Buddy (Double Tier)
HOUZE - Memory Foam Mat - Blue
HOUZE - Memory Foam Mat - Grey
HOUZE - Memory Foam Mat - Pink
HOUZE - Memory Foam Mat - Coffee