LIAO Tornado Mop

LIAO Tornado Mop

Cleaning made easy

Everybody loves a clean home. This variety of cleaning tools and equipment are durable, tough and well-built to tidy up even the most stubborn messes that dirty your home. We offer a different cleaning product for anything you need, be it tools for windows, floors, tables and more! These designs are ergonomic and smart to make cleaning an easy task to achieve.

These cleaning tools list is a variety of mops, brushes, sponges, cloths and more that will aid you in achieving sparkly clean rooms from ceiling to floor.

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: Cleaning Necessities

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  • ( 47.5L x 26W x 141H )cm
  • 47.5cm
  • 26cm
  • 141cm
  • 6959125705380

Effortless wringing

Wringing your mop to dry might be a hassle, but not if you have the LIAO Tornado Mop. This set has an advanced dewatering system so you can rid of excess water on the mop quickly. It has a 360-degree spinning dehydration bucket made of quality and rustproof stainless steel. The mop rotates at 360ï‚° and is made of microfiber that absorbs water efficiently. Save on electricity and water with this ergonomic mop!


  • 360ï‚° spinning mop and bucket system for quick drying
  • 1With wheels for portability
  • Mop is made of absorbent microfiber and is rotatable
  • Made of 100% eco-friendly materials
  • Available in different colors