HOUZE - Mesh Laundry Bag (Dim: 17x17cm)

HOUZE - Mesh Laundry Bag (Dim: 17x17cm)
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HOUZE—the brand you can trust

When it comes to household utilities and necessities, you can trust HOUZE to have some of the thoughtfully crafted and designed items in the market today. You are sure to get your money’s worth when you purchase from HOUZE; there is a perfect piece that matches any goal or need.

HOUZE is a brand known for its use of high-quality and durable materials so that each item lasts long and can be used for heavy-duty purposes. It’s no wonder why we have a loyal following; we make sure that every HOUZE containers, cabinets, chairs and more are stylish yet affordable—the perfect combination.

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  • (17 x 17)cm
  • 17cm
  • 17cm
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Protect Garments While Washing with HOUZE - Mesh Laundry Bag (Dim: 17x17cm)

Putting clothes in the washing machine can wear them out over time. To help protect fabrics, especially delicate articles, use the HOUZE - Mesh Laundry Bag (Dim: 17x17cm) during laundry to prevent damage to your beloved clothes collection. The fine mesh is made suitable for all washing and drying machine types. The bag comes in different shapes for different garments. It is fitted with a zipper for easy opening and closure.

HOUZE - Mesh Laundry Bag (Dim: 17x17cm) Features:

  • Made with fine mesh to prevent snags or tears for delicate garments
  • Zippered for easy access
  • Small band for zipper head to prevent tangles
  • Suitable for any washer or dryer
  • Comes in different sizes to fit specific garments
  • Good for bra, underwear and socks

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