HOUZE - Stackable Luxury Bag See Thru Storage (Dim: 38x18x25.5cm)

HOUZE - Stackable Luxury Bag See Thru Storage (Dim: 38x18x25.5cm)

Store and stack

The many stuff in our home can potentially become a haphazard mess that leads to an unorganized space. It’s a good thing we have the perfect modular storage boxes you can choose from. We have ergonomic designs and stylish stackables that come with unique and durable materials, providing a contemporary look while offering extra storage efficiently.

Easily segregate your things and store them safely with our wide range of modular storage drawer and lidded containers. You can easily place them one on top of the other, or arrange them in a neat line, depending on what you prefer. Go vertical (or line up) and save that much needed floor space!

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: Modular Stacking Drawer

: MS-2688-WHITE






  • (38L x 18.5W x 25.5H)cm 
  • 38cm
  • 18.5cm
  • 25.5cm
  • 8885015876756

Quality care for bag collections

Give your beloved bags the care they need with the HOUZE - Stackable Luxury Bag See Thru Storage! It is an easy-to-assemble, premium quality storage box made of 100% virgin polypropylene plastic, giving durable and heavy-duty protection for bags. The see thru panels let you see the bag at a glance without having to expose the content to dust or motes. These storage boxes are perfect for stacking up, so you have more storage and floor space.

The stylish practicality of this box lets you store and display your bags safely, acting as a shield against dirt and scratch. Make your bags last long and preserve their beauty with this product from HOUZE!

  • Dimension: 38 x 18 x 25.5 CM
  • Made of 100% virgin PP plastic
  • Transparent panels to easily see the bag at a glance
  • Side flip opening with lock to secure contents
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble components
  • Stackable for more space
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic

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