Ultra Absorbent Leak Proof Dog Diapers 'X-Small' (Pack of 18)

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We all love our pets and as such, we always want to provide what is best for them. These accessories for pets will ensure your furry beloved’s health, hygiene and comfort at all times. We have high-quality diapers, wet wipes, pads, feeders and bowls, toys and beds that you and your pet will surely love!

If you want durable and well-made pet care accessories of high-quality components and design, this selection has it all for you. Give your pet the love and care they deserve when you buy them one of these awesome pet items!

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  • Waist: (22-40)cm / Weight: (2-4)kgs
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  • 6904140041517
  • 18pcs/pack

Ultra Absorbent Leak Proof Dog Diapers 'X-Small' (Pack of 18) - Caring for your pet

Maintain your pet's hygiene and cleanliness with this Ultra Absorbent Leak Proof Dog Diapers 'X-Small' (Pack of 18). It is a thick and durable diaper with high-quality materials that are non-irritating and breathable. The interior is made of a nonwoven surface that absorbs wetness quickly. You can slip it over their tail by lifting the tab at the bottom when wearing. The diaper has an anti-leak design that is best used for pet incontinence, females in heat or travel.

Ultra Absorbent Leak Proof Dog Diapers 'X-Small' (Pack of 18) Features:

  • Super absorbent nonwoven material
  • Leak-proof design suitable for travel, females in heat and incontinence
  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • With a liftable tab at the bottom for the tail
  • Available in different sizes

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