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HOUZE - Aroma Diffuser (300ml)
HOUZE - Aroma Diffuser (300ml)
HOUZE - Aroma Diffuser (300ml)
HOUZE - Aroma Diffuser (300ml)
HOUZE - Aroma Diffuser (300ml)
HOUZE - Aroma Diffuser (300ml)
HOUZE - Aroma Diffuser (300ml)
HOUZE - Aroma Diffuser (300ml)
HOUZE - Aroma Diffuser (300ml)
HOUZE - Aroma Diffuser (300ml)
HOUZE - Aroma Diffuser (300ml)
HOUZE - Aroma Diffuser (300ml)
HOUZE - Aroma Diffuser (300ml)
HOUZE - Aroma Diffuser (300ml)

HOUZE - Aroma Diffuser (300ml)

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Material: Virgin Polypropylene, ABS
Dimension: 13.3L x 13.3W x 10H cm
Capacity: 0.3 Litre

Enhance Your Ambience: Discover the HOUZE Aroma Diffuser Collection

Transform Your Home into a Sanctuary of Serenity

Step into a world where elegance meets functionality with the HOUZE Aroma Diffuser Collection. Our flagship product, the HOUZE Aroma Diffuser (300ml), embodies our dedication to enriching your living experience. This remarkable piece is not just an accessory; it's a gateway to a tranquil lifestyle.

Built to Last: Superior Quality and Safety

Experience unmatched durability and safety with our diffuser, crafted from premium PP and ABS materials. These elements offer chemical resistance and structural strength, making our diffuser a long-lasting addition to your home or office. It's a testament to our commitment to quality, designed to be a staple in your space for years.

Nature-Inspired Design: A Touch of Serenity

The essence of nature is captured in the design of our HOUZE Aroma Diffuser Collection. Drawing inspiration from lush forests and tranquil landscapes, this collection brings a peaceful harmony to your home. It's our way of connecting you to the calming beauty of the natural world right in your living space.

Multifunctional Elegance: More Than Just a Diffuser

The HOUZE Aroma Diffuser (300ml) is the jewel in our collection, offering both diffusion and humidification capabilities. Its warm light setting creates a cosy atmosphere, ideal for unwinding and relaxation. This diffuser is not just a product; it's an experience enhancer for your home.

The HOUZE Philosophy: Awakening Your Living Spaces

Our brand name, 'HOUZE', encapsulates our vision - to awaken and enliven your living spaces. It's a blend of 'house' and 'arouse,' symbolising the rejuvenation of your environment through our diffusers. Let HOUZE be the catalyst for a more serene and inviting home.

Designed for Singapore: Tailored for Convenience

Crafted explicitly for our discerning Singaporean customers, the HOUZE Aroma Diffuser (300ml) is a blend of convenience and efficiency. With a large water capacity and an easy-to-use remote, it promises effortless operation throughout the night. It's designed for ease; ensuring your comfort is always our priority.

Step into a World of Calm: The HOUZE Aroma Diffuser (300ml)

The HOUZE Aroma Diffuser (300ml) is your invitation to a more relaxed and tranquil lifestyle. Meticulously constructed for longevity and safety, it's the perfect addition to any space, providing a soothing ambience with warm light. Its multifunctionality as a diffuser and humidifier makes it indispensable to your daily routine.

A Symphony of Style and Wellness

The HOUZE Aroma Diffuser Collection is the answer for those pursuing the perfect harmony between style, functionality, and wellness. Let the HOUZE Aroma Diffuser (300ml) transform your home into an oasis of calm, making every moment a rejuvenating experience. Join us in elevating your living spaces to new heights of tranquillity and style.

  • Suitable for bedroom, living room, or office space
  • Comes with a remote for ease of usage
  • Easy to clean and large capacity
  • Multifunction - Diffuser,and Humidifier


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