Bundle Deal - Set of 10 (HOUZE Storage Box D)

SKU: 4**MS-2234-CLEAR,3**SB-1503-WHITE,3**DN-1211-POOH-LINES

$76.90 $140.80

Bundle includes:

18L Single Tier Drawer (Gen. X) x4

Simplicity' Sorting Box x3

Winnie The Pooh - 4L Black Lines Click Box (Disney) x3

18L Single Tier Drawer - Length:41cm; Width: 31.5cm; Height: 17cm
Simplicity' Sorting Box - Length: 25cm; Width: 18cm; Height: 15cm
4L Black Lines Click Box - Length: 25.6cm; Width: 18.4cm; Height: 11.5cm

Simple Modular Storage - HOUZE 18L Single Tier Drawer (Gen. X)

Want to keep your things neat and clean? This HOUZE 18L Single Tier Drawer (Gen. X) can make your life easier and more organized. Find what you're looking for with just a glance with its semi-transparent design. You can use this as a tabletop organizer or a cabinet drawer to protect your stuff against dust or spills. Stack several of this single tier drawers to maximize more space!

HOUZE 18L Single Tier Drawer (Gen. X) Features:

  • 100% Virgin polypropylene finish
  • Sturdy, secure and long-lasting
  • Stackable design for more vertical storage
  • Look- through drawers to easily identify contents
  • Strong and reinforced bottom against heavy load
  • #70 Square shape for a more vertical storage

HOUZE Simplicity' Sorting Box - Nifty tabletop container

Too much mess in your workspace or dressing table that it confuses you how to sort them? Stop worrying and use this HOUZE Simplicity' Sorting Box! Now you'll never have to lose anything because this storage option can help you organize your table. This container can fit anything from makeup kits, pens and even notebooks. You can stack them up when not in use, too!

HOUZE Simplicity' Sorting Box Features:

  • Made with polypropylene plastic, a durable and excellent quality material
  • Sturdy and durable finish
  • Stackable when not being used
  • Great caddy design that makes contents easy to find
  • Convenient tabletop organizer to keep the mess away

HOUZE - Winnie The Pooh - 4L Black Lines Click Box (Disney)

Sort it all out efficiently with our Disney x HOUZE storage boxes. Made with quality material that ensures its durability for prolong usage. Design to be stackable, available in different sizes and design that catered to all storage needs to help you undo the clutter.

♦ Dimension : (25.7L x 18.3W x 11.5H) cm
♦ 100% Virgin PP Material
♦ Comes with a secure lid
♦ Suitable for storing and organizing
♦ Stackable design for easy vertical storage
♦ Recyclable as identical packaging and printing material

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