Bundle Deal - Set of 8 (HOUZE Storage Box B)

SKU: 2**SB-1103-CLEAR,3**SB-1503-WHITE,3**OKN-5316

$68 $95

Bundle includes:

77L Storage Box with Wheels x2

Simplicity' Sorting Box x3

Anti-Bacterial Household Wipes 70's household wet wipes x3


Dimension of 77L Storage Box with Wheels:
Length: 64.5cm; Width: 46cm; Height: 39.8cm
Dimension of Simplicity' sorting box:
Length: 25cm; Width: 18cm; Height: 15cm
Dimension of Household Wet Wipe:
Length: 26cm; Width: 16cm

HOUZE 77L Storage Box with Wheels - Toughly built to last

Saving space is easy with this HOUZE 77L Storage Box with Wheels made with robust polypropylene thermoplastic. These transparent, stackable containers can help organize your clutters and keep your home clean! The storage box comes with wheels so you can move it anywhere without hassle. Its also safe to handle the food so you can use it in the kitchen, too!

  • Made with polypropylene (PP) plastic that is hard and highly resistant to most solvents
  • Has wheels at the bottom for effortless carrying and transfers
  • Durable and clear so you can easily see contents inside
  • Cover has secure airtight locks to keep freshness in for food items
  • These roomy HOUZE 77L Storage Box with Wheels can be stackable, saving more space!

    HOUZE Simplicity' Sorting Box - Nifty tabletop container

    Too much mess in your workspace or dressing table that it confuses you how to sort them? Stop worrying and use this HOUZE Simplicity' Sorting Box! Now you'll never have to lose anything because this storage option can help you organize your table. This container can fit anything from makeup kits, pens and even notebooks. You can stack them up when not in use, too!

    HOUZE Simplicity' Sorting Box Features:

    • Made with polypropylene plastic, a durable and excellent quality material
    • Sturdy and durable finish
    • Stackable when not being used
    • Great caddy design that makes contents easy to find
    • Convenient tabletop organizer to keep the mess away

    Greenshield Anti-Bacterial Household Wipes 70's household wet wipes

    Ensure your household surfaces are clean and hygienic with Greenshield Anti-Bacterial Household Wipes. Specially suited to cleaning your household, these fantastic wipes will kill bacteria, cuts through kitchen grease, and removes bathroom grime. Not only do these wipes clean and sanitise, they also remove any odours and can be disposed with your household waste, making them a convenient accessory for any home.

    • Cuts through Kitchen grease
    • Removes Bathroom grime
    • Kills 99.9% of Bacteria includes Listeria, MRSA, E.Coli & Salmonella
    • Leaves a fresh lemon fragrance



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