(BUY 1 FREE 1pc Cushion) - HOUZE - Diamond Tufted Waist Cushion Cover (50L x 30W)

SKU: LS-9580,LS-9506-CUSHION

$28.90 $36.80

Our Diamond Tufted Waist Pillow pillow features repeating Ivory-coloured diamond-shaped patterns that lie on a dark blue background with Tassels on each corner of the pillow, giving the pillow a more fun, exciting yet gentle feel to your home!

As you spend many hours sitting either to do work or even just resting, watching a movie, your posture tends to become worse over time and it starts to take a toll on your back. Relief those back pains with our waist pillow that provides support to your back and corrects your posture!

Protect your back with our waist pillow that helps to maintain your posture and apply less pressure on your spine!

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