(BUY 1 FREE 1pc Cushion) - HOUZE - Triad Tassel Cushion Cover (45L x 45W )

SKU: LS-9563,LS-9505-CUSHION

$28.90 $37.80

Our Triad Tassel Tufted Pillow features 3 horizontal layers with numerous tassels hanging from each layer, creating a frilly design that surrounds the pillow. As the wind blows past your home, the tassels will flow ever so gently in the same direction almost as though they were dancing to a graceful melody - Welcome your guest or come home to a relaxing and soothing home!

Cushion your back with the pillow which provides comfort and a matching aesthetic to your home!

As you sit comfortably on your sofa, lean back with comfy support or use it as a snuggly object to hold as you rest or watch a movie!

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