SKU: BD60609


The BUYDEEM All-In-One, Two-Tier Smart Steamer brings new meaning to cooking healthy, great-tasting food — even when you’re short on time. Developed to help decrease time you spend in the kitchen, this steamer supports your busy lifestyle. Simply add the food you wish to cook into either of the two chambers, select your settings and go. Two tiers mean you can cook different foods simultaneously! And no hovering over this appliance is required — when you check back, you’ll discover a delicious meal you and your family will love.

  • More than just a rice maker, Buydeem has developed this steamer with multi-functions that support a healthy life. This machine has built-in functions for making yogurt, stew, baby food as well as thawing, sterilizing, and more.
  • One of the most convenient steamers you will ever use, the start cooking pre-set function means, even when you are away from home or busy, you can eat at your desired time. Also, enjoy automatic warmth keeping functions.
  • Boasting a surprisingly lightweight of 9.47lbs and a compact exterior design, effortlessly place it anywhere in your kitchen. The interior is large enough to steam a whole fish without cutting the body.
  • As with all Buydeem products, we craft this steamer with food-grade, highly durable materials. The stainless steel is chosen for its incredible resistance to rust and corrosion.
  • Able to heat up in under a minute, this machine is designed to never leak air or spray water. Simply fill the tank, turn the knob, and press a button. If the water is low or empty it will automatically go into reserve mode and let you know or turn off

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