Bundle Deals - VORNADO Circulator 6303DC (Medium) x 02 pcs + 6803DC x 1 pc

SKU: 84785UB

$899 $1,197
  • Vornado 6303DC X 2pc + 6803DC
  • For Floor and for Table placement
  • Whole Room Vortex Circulation
  • Moves Air Up To 85 Feet
  • Up to 80% More Energy-Efficient
  • More Powerful Airflow
  • Precise Control - 99 Speeds
  • Electronic Push Button and Touch Controls
  • Adjustable Height 31-39"
  • Remote Control
  • 1-12 Hour Timer
  • 10-Year Satisfaction Guarantee

The new 6803DC brings sleek style along with powerful, ramped-up airflow (up to 85’) to the modern home. Its sturdy stand easily adjusts 31”–39”. With a more-efficient brushless DC motor that’s up to 80% more energy-efficient, 99 variable speeds that allow you to not over-circulate if you don’t have to and an energy-saving timer that shuts off the air when it’s not needed — you’ll be green in no time. Electronic push-button and touch controls, plus a remote control, bring added convenience. Complete with our 10-year satisfaction guarantee, these DC circulators will keep you comfortable for years (and years) to come.

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