HOUZE - Crystal Handled Electrometric Screwdriver

SKU: ODY-134

Material: Chrome vanadium alloy steel
Dimension: 2L x 2W x 15H cm
Capacity: - Litre

Handy tools for you - Crystal Handled Electrometric Screwdriver

This Crystal Handled Electrometric Screwdriver is a double-duty tool that can be a voltage tester pen and screwdriver in one. The pole is made of chromed vanadium steel with an excellent hardness that prevents deformities and bending. The handle is made of quality AS clear plastic. The contact bit at the top of the handle is an insulation and voltage tester, which is determined with its internal glowing signal light. This screwdriver is not only handy, but it is also multi-purpose as well!

Crystal Handled Electrometric Screwdriver's Features:

  • Chromed vanadium steel pole has high hardness and doesn't break
  • 2-in-1 function screwdriver and voltage/insulation tester
  • Durable AS clear plastic handle is easy to grip
  • With internal glowing signal light
  • non-toxic and safe to use

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