HOUZE - FINDER - 23pcs Screwdriver & Bits Set

SKU: ODY-193225

Material: Chrome vanadium steel
Dimension: 19.5L x 10W x 3.5H cm
Capacity: - Litre

Multi-tools in order

Have you ever needed a screwdriver but don’t have the right size to remove or fix screws? This FINDER - 23pcs Screwdriver & Bits Set has all the sizes you need! The all-metal bars are chrome-plated for a rust-resistant finish and perfected with magnetized tips. The ergonomic handle is large for better torque and has a bi-material construction for a convenient grip.

This set combines star and flat options, durable, and is perfect for storing in your tool box.

  • 23 screwdriver bits of various sizes for different applications
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Magnetized tips
  • Chrome-plated bars for corrosion-resistant finish
  • Large handle construction for greater torque
  • Bi-material handle is easy to grip

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