HOUZE - FINDER - 6pcs Ratchet Combination Mirror Finish Wrench Set

SKU: ODY-192192

Material: Chrome vanadium steel
Dimension: 30.3L x 10.7W x 3.5H cm
Capacity: - Litre

Handy tool sets for you

Get your hands on the FINDER - 6pcs Ratchet Combination Mirror Finish Wrench Set. These tools are constructed with superior all-metal material that is tempered and hardened to provide durability to each wrench. This Chrome Vanadium drop-forged steel has a mirror finish for a sleek appearance.

This wrench from FINDER is the perfect addition to your growing toolkit. Purchase this wrench set now and always be ready to handle quick repair jobs!

  • 6-piece ratchet combination wrench with all-metal construction
  • Chrome Vanadium drop-forged steel
  • Tempered and hardened for extra durability
  • Mirror finish protects against rusting
  • Comes in different sizes for various applications

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