HOUZE - FINDER - Black Rubber Hammer (8 Ounce)

SKU: ODY-191297

Material: TPR, Rubber
Dimension: 29L x 7.9W x 4.5H cm
Capacity: - Litre

Robust and reliable tools

Your DIY tool kit will never be complete without a hammer. This FINDER - Black Rubber Hammer (8 Ounce) is definitely the right tool for you. The upper is made of tough black rubber, ensuring its strength and efficiency upon impact. The material can be used to apply force on surfaces without the risk of damaging it or causing a spark.

The TPR handle is bi-material in construction. It has a non-slip design for a soft and secure grip. This hammer is impressive in both look and functionality.

  • Tough black rubber head for strength
  • Reduced risk of damaging material or causing spark
  • TPR handle with bi-material construction
  • Non-slip and soft design for better grip
  • 8-ounce hammer with a 29-cm height

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