HOUZE - Bedroom Essentials - (Set of 7)

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Bundle includes:

HOUZE - 5 Tier Wooden Top Cabinet (Dim:58 x 42.5 x 110.5cm) x1
HOUZE - Krusty Rectangle Single Tier (Dim: 34x46x21cm) x3
HOUZE - 30L Underbed Storage with Wheels and Handle (Clear) x2
Make Up Buddy (Double Tier) x1


Material: Virgin Polypropylene, Medium Density Fiberboard
Dimension: 58L x 42.5W x 110.5H cm

HOUZE 5 Tier Wooden Top Cabinet - Chic yet heavy-duty storing capacity

Storing your things might be a dilemma if you don't have this HOUZE 5 Tier Wooden Top Cabinet. It's the perfect match for organizing and decluttering any space. The roomy drawers are made with extra tough plastic with an ergonomic handle. The sleek wooden cabinet top can carry up to 20kg of laden weight. It's an all-around practical and pretty cabinet for you.

HOUZE 5 Tier Wooden Top Cabinet Features:

  • 100% Virgin Polypropylene plastic drawers
  • Cabinet top is made of quality finish wood to carry accessories
  • Rounded edges and air tight to protect contents inside
  • Spacious drawers to hold your items
  • Non-slippery base legs

Material: Virgin Polypropylene
Dimension: 34L x 46W x 21H cm

HOUZE Krusty Rectangle Single Tier (Dim: 34x46x21cm) - Simple modular storage

Want to keep your things neat and clean? This HOUZE Krusty Rectangle Single Tier (Dim: 34x46x21cm) can make your life easier and more organized. Find what you're looking for with just a glance with its semi-transparent design. You can use this as a tabletop organizer or a cabinet drawer to protect your stuff against dust or spills. Stack several of this single tier drawers to maximize more space!

HOUZE Krusty Rectangle Single Tier (Dim: 34x46x21cm) Features:

  • 100% Virgin polypropylene finish
  • Sturdy, secure and long-lasting
  • Look- through drawers to easily identify contents
  • Strong and reinforced bottom against heavy load

Material: Virgin Polypropylene
Dimension: 60L x 44.5W x 13H cm
Capacity: 30 Litre

Maximize Storage Space - HOUZE - 30L Underbed Storage with Wheels and Handle (Clear)

Need more storage but can't find free floor space in the room? You can use this HOUZE - 30L Underbed Storage with Wheels and Handle (Clear) that you can simply slide under the mattress frame. Not only does it save space, but it also keeps your stuff secure with its ergonomic lid with lock. Use it to store shoes, clothes, beddings and other personal items. These are also easily stackable for cabinet storage.

HOUZE - 30L Underbed Storage with Wheels and Handle (Clear) Features:

  • 100% PP thermoplastic gives it a strong and durable exterior
  • Great 30L carrying capacity with roomy interior
  • Easily store items and wheel under the bed to keep room organized
  • Stackable design, secure snap latches and ergonomic handle!
  • Clear plastic makes it easy to see contents without having to open box

Material: ABS, Polystyrene
Dimension: 29.8L x 20.4W x 39.5H cm

Nifty Makeup Organizer - Make Up Buddy (Double Tier)

You will definitely fall in love with this pretty and compact Make Up Buddy (Double Tier)! It is a cosmetics and skincare organizer that's designed to hold your essentials in one place. It has a rack for bottles and a drawer for small kits or cotton pads. Encased in clear acrylic, it makes finding your stuff a whole lot easier. It also has a handle for easy carrying.

Make Up Buddy (Double Tier) Features:

  • Made with premium and sturdy plastic
  • Acrylic case is transparent and lets you find contents at a glance
  • Top rack for bottles and jars, and a drawer at the bottom
  • Rounded edges for safety
  • Easy to carry with durable handle
  • Clean and simple design


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