(BUY 1 FREE 1pc Cushion) - HOUZE - Geometrical Tufted Pillow

SKU: LS-9562,LS-9505-CUSHION

$23.90 $32.80

Our Geometrical Tufted Pillow features various types of shapes and lines such as triangles, circles, stripes, zig-zag lines, and more! Add movement to your home and fill your home with a calming rhythm that brings life to your home! The sides are filled with tuft to make the design stand out even more and add a gentle touch to the pillow, reminding you of the essence of nature!

Cushion your back with the pillow which provides comfort and a matching aesthetic to your home!

As you sit comfortably on your sofa, lean back with comfy support or use it as a snuggly object to hold as you rest or watch a movie!

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