HOUZE - LIFE Woodgrain 4 Tier Ladder

SKU: DY-8224

Smart home addition

A little extra help around your home with our beautiful LIFE Woodgrain Ladder. This step ladder features an attractive modern woodgrain frame perfect as indoor decor or extra height for reaching out to the high points around your home. User friendly design with wide steps provides maximum comfortability to step on and anti-slip ends for extra stability. Fold down to only 5.5cm for easy stow away when not in use. Ideal choice for space constrained home.

♦ Dimension :
Open ( 46L x 76.5W x 139H)cm Close ( 46L x 5.5W x 150H)cm
♦ Withstand up to 150kg
♦ Anti-slip base paddings for extra stability
♦ Ladder fold down to only 5.5cm width
♦ Wide stepping pedal for comfort usage
♦ Durable aluminium

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