HOUZE - Natur Greenland Knitted Wall Tapestry



Greenland Wall Tassel Tapestry

Embellish your home with our Natur Greenland Wall Tapestry inspired by Scandinavian design that reminds you of the Nordic landscapes!

The mistral grey colour is reminiscent of the grey glacier that resides in Greenland where the lake is a mesmerizing dark grey. It adds a touch of the simple, minimalistic yet calming environment that the Nordics are emersed in every day to your home!

It is made from cotton and is handwoven into beautiful flowers and curved line patterns at the top, while the remaining cotton drapes freely from the design, letting it flow seamlessly as the cool breeze blows into your house.

Whether you envision an Austere or extravagant home, the Greenland Wall Tassel Tapestry is the perfect addition, adding complexity with its details while still matching your home with its neutral colour!

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