HOUZE - Natur Lofoten Knitted Hanging Lampshade

SKU: LS-9730


Lofoten Hanging Tassel Lampshade

Set the mood in your home with our Natur Lofoten Hanging Lampshade that helps to soften the light and create a warm ambiance in your home!

The Lofoten Hanging Tassel Lampshade is more than just decor - It provides protection from the dazzling light from the bulb, and alters the direction of the light so that even with the shade protection, it will still brighten up your room!

It is handwoven from cotton with intricate cross-stitch patterns at the top, finished with repeating diamond-shaped patterns outside and in the middle, creating a mystical eye design before letting the remaining tassel fall gently.

Create a lovely and welcoming home for you, your loved ones, and your guests!

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