HOUZE - Natur Urverk Knitted Wall Basket

SKU: LS-9820


Urverk Wall Tassel Basket

Store your daily items with our Natur Urverk Wall Basket and never forget where you put them again!

Hang the Tassel Basket near any doors or even on the door itself, and store small objects that you take with you daily such as wallet, keys, watches, phones, masks, hand sanitizer, and many more! Just take and go with your items and store them away all at the same place again!

The intricate patterns at the top resemble the complexity of a clockwork with various sized gear clocks working together - the design has lots of depth that can be clearly distinguished from the background

Whether you envision an Austere or extravagant home, the Veske Wall Tassel Basket is the perfect addition to your home, adding complexity with its details and functionality while still matching your home with its neutral colours.

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