HOUZE - Natur Vattern Wall Round Mirror



Vattern Wall Tassel Round Mirror

Deck yourself up in and with style with our Natur Vattern Wall Round Mirror!

Traditional mirrors with metal frames may resonate with an intense or stiff vibe that makes your home feel very tense.

Loosen up your home with this Wall Tassel Mirror that features a cotton fringed tassel frame with a fern braided rope that connects the tassel together, and an ivory bead inner frame that has an ethereal feel to it!

The soft cotton fringed tassel gives your home a gentle and soothing feeling for a more relaxing environment to de-stress in.

Whether you envision an Austere or extravagant home, the Vattern Wall Tassel Round Mirror is the perfect addition to your home, adding complexity with its details and functionality while still matching your home with its neutral colours.

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