HOUZE - Nature Inspired Bundle 2 (Set of 4)

SKU: LS-9732,LS-9822,LS-9507,LS-9505-CUSHION,LS-9824

$78 $129.60

Bundle includes:

Natur Nordkapp Knitted Hanging Lampshade X1
Natur Krysset Knitted Wall Basket (Large) X1
Natur Solstice Knitted Pillow Cover X1
Natur Køye Knitted Corner Storage Hammock X1

Natur Nordkapp Knitted Hanging Lampshade

Nordkapp Hanging Tassel Lampshade
Set the mood in your home with our Natur Nordkapp Hanging Lampshade that helps to soften the light and create a warm ambiance in your home!
The Nordkapp Hanging Tassel Lampshade is more than just decor - It provides protection from the dazzling light from the bulb, and alters the direction of the light so that even with the shade protection, it will still brighten up your room!
It is handwoven from cotton with double-framed diamond-shaped patterns at the top with a flower in the center while most of the straight flowing tassel also stand out with the design! Diamond-shaped designs are popular in Scandinavian design as it is a simple shape with clean lines that resemble their landscape.
Create a lovely and welcoming home for you, your loved ones, and your guests!

Natur Krysset Knitted Wall Basket (Large)

Krysset Wall Tassel Basket
Store your daily items with our Natur Krysset Wall Basket and never forget where you put them again!
Hang the Tassel Basket near any doors or even on the door itself, and store small objects that you take with you daily such as wallet, keys, watches, phones, masks, hand sanitizer, and many more! Just take and go with your items and store them away all at the same place again!
The intricate patterns at the top resemble the various crisscrossed patterns in a column, with each middle cross-connecting with the next column, creating a united design that signifies the bonds between us and our loved ones.
Whether you envision an Austere or extravagant home, the Veske Wall Tassel Basket is the perfect addition to your home, adding complexity with its details and functionality while still matching your home with its neutral colours.

Natur Solstice Knitted Pillow Cover

Solstice Tassel Pillow Cover
Our Natur Solstice Pillow Cover is the epitome of detail with its meticulous variety of patterns.
It features lots of repeating diamond shaped-patterns with designs in the middle of each diamond that resembles how the empyreal sun was represented in ancient times.
Handwoven down to the smallest details with numerous textures and techniques used, bring out complexity in simplicity to your home - Fill your home with the Sun's sublime radiance!

Natur Køye Knitted Corner Storage Hammock

køye triangular net storage rack
Spruce up your home with our Natur Køye Corner Storage Rack that brings a touch of the carefree forest cabin life to your home!
With a hammock-like design, hang it at the corners or any place that has 3 hooks and you instantly have a unique storage rack in your home. As the items are placed into the net storage rack, depending on the weight of the object, it will automatically create support on the sides and at the front suitable for the item so that it will not fall over!
Maximize every corner space in your home and declutter your home while still leaving plenty of room to move about and maintaining a spacious look!

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