Kis 30L Spinning Box/ Underbed Storage W Wheels (M)

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Undoing the Clutter

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  • ( 58.5L × 39W × 16H )cm
  • 58.5cm
  • 39cm
  • 16cm
  • 8013183019341


This KIS Spinning Box highly-reliable and practical storage solution finished with a modern and refreshing design. It is perfect for any household or workshop and is suitable for the storage of clothes, shoes, toys and more. By placing your items into the KIS, you can protect them from dust, dirt and general wear and tear. It is low in height, making it perfect for discreet storage under the bed. Depending on your preferences and requirements, you can also easily and conveniently stack several boxes on top of one another. The wheels located on the bottom of the KIS allow for simple transportation. In addition, the snap style lid provides perfect protection and quick access to all of your items.


  • Made in Italy
  • Practical and versatile storage box
  • Suitable for children's rooms, dressing rooms and workshops
  • Wheels and a snap lid provide practical and convenient use 
  • Easy to stack or store under the bed 
  • Transparent design 
  • 30-litre volume 
  • Plastic under bed container with two-way wheels, an excellent way to use space to the full and store bed linen and even bulky objects tidily and practically