Kis Up Utility Cabinet

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Optimising Space, Expanding Function

Go vertical and transform chaotic mess to an organised haven! From clothes to office supplies, our thoughtfully designed storage cabinets such as Plastic storage cabinet create extra storage space without taking up too much valuable floor – or visual – space.

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: Kis

: Storage Cabinet

: D-KS-18-9713






  • ( 68L x 39W x 173H )cm
  • 68cm
  • 39cm
  • 173cm
  • 8013183093174


The Up cabinets line is perfect for semi outdoor spaces, like terrace and veranda, but also for indoor use, e.g. in the garage. The doors feature an original decoration, recalling nature and its matters. 


  • Made in Italy
  • Lockable doors with a padlock
  • 15 Kg load / shelf
  • 3 Easy to adjust Shelves
  • Stable; Adjustable height feet
  • With Legs for easy washing
  • Grey/Black
  • Kindly take note this is a light basic utility cabinet, for light usage only


Remarks: Ship AFTER 25 December 2018