LEIFHEIT - Classic Extendable 230 Solid L81635

SKU: L81635


Dimension: 184L x 98W x 110.5Hcm

The Classic Extendable 230 Solid standing dryer is perfect for drying large items. It offers XL drying rails that can be extended using one hand, from a generous 67 cm wide to an impressive 184 cm wide. The extra-thick rails on the flexible standing dryer are particularly friendly to laundry items. These wide rails dry laundry extremely effectively, without leaving indentations. The XL size also offers the right height: The dryer’s central drying area is 98 cm high; the side wings open to a height of 110.5 cm. That means even long items such as dresses, nightgowns and trousers can be hung without touching the floor.

The wide spacing of the bars ensures that it will be easier to hang the laundry and it will dry quicker. The standing dryer also scores points for stability. In addition to the XL rails, it also has solid hinges that lock in place and a very stable U-shaped base. As a bonus, the Classic Extendable 230 Solid standing dryer has four windproof clothes-hanger hooks for drying blouses and shirts. When the rails are extended and the side wings are folded out, the dryer offers a spacious drying length of 23 meters, which means enough room for two washing machine loads. Despite its length, the standing dryer can be folded up and stored so it takes up very little space.


  • Adjustable pull-out middle section for a flexible drying area to dry large laundry items
  • XL rails enable gentle and indentation-free drying.
  • XL height of 98 cm for long items
  • Strong frame stability due to stable hinges, secure locking and very stable base
  • Extra-wide distance between rails accelerates drying and makes it easier to hang laundry
  • With four windproof clothes-hanger hooks for hanging blouses and shirts
  • Maximum drying length of 23 meters, with room for two washing machine loads

Dimension are based on maximum length.

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