LEIFHEIT - Comfort-Spray Mop Easy Spray XL L56690

SKU: L56690

$139 $188

Dimension: 42L x 15W x 145Hcm

Simply spray, wipe and the job is done! Ideal to remove coffee stains, baby food, shoe and pet paw prints: The Comfort-Spray Mop Easy Spray XL with removable refill tank on the handle is the perfect floor spraying wiper for quick and in-between cleaning.

The Comfort-Spray Mop is fitted with a 650 ml empty refillable tank, which can be filled with water or a floor cleaning detergent. The mop's specially developed sprayer distributes the contents as a fine mist from its nozzle at the front of the wiper to the floor; the dual-fibre Micro Duo Wiper cover then cleans efficiently and deep into the floor's pores. Special fibre bristles remove stubborn dirt, whilst the finest microfibres absorb dirt and water thoroughly.

The mop is easy to steer and practical to use thanks to its flexible 360° handle joint and its extra-large 42 cm wide wiping surface. With little wiping movement needed everything becomes clean, even around chair and table legs, under kitchen cabinets, sofas and chests of drawers.

Also available are Leifheit's Cleaning Liquid Easy Spray cartridges, ready-to-use detergents which are suitable for use on tiles/stone floors, laminate/vinyl/varnished wood floors or oiled/waxed wood floors and guarantee the appropriate dosage for a particular floor type.

Note: Product comes with an empty cartridge only. Detergents sold separately.


  • Ideal for quick cleanliness
  • Ideal for all types of flooring wiping
  • Width: 42cm
  • Washable at 60°C
  • Steel handle with click system

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