LEIFHEIT - Standing Rotary Clothes Dryer LinoPop-Up 140 L82500

SKU: L82500

$169 $228

Dimension: 110L x 95W x 95Hcm

The handy and light rotary dryer for use at home, for both indoor and outdoor laundry drying. The LinoPop-Up 140 standing rotary dryer’s four arms can be conveniently opened and closed with just one hand. At the same time, it provides space for hanging more than one washing machine load and only takes up a small standing area. When folded, the rotary dryer is 12 cm wide, which means it can fit in any corner. Even transporting it is easy - thanks to the protective cover and a light weight of just 3.6 kg. With robust rotary arms and a wide base for a stable footing.


  • Convenient one-handed operation for quick and easy opening and closing
  • Handy, compact, and light: ideal for use at home
  • Stowed away to save space, as the standing rotary dryer has a width of only 12 cm when folded up
  • Weigh only 3.6 kg easy to transport and assemble
  • 14 metre line length provides space for drying more than one load of laundry within the smallest of spaces
  • Equipped with robust rotary arms and a wide base for a secure footing
  • Outermost line is 95 cm high providing length for long items
  • The tiered lines makes hanging up laundry a breeze
  • Includes a protective cover for easy transport and clean lines at all times

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