LEIFHEIT - Venetian Blind Cleaner Jalousetta L41316

SKU: L41316


Dimension: 25L x 9Wx 3Hcm

Cleaning Venetian blinds is a never-ending task. They are really dust collectors when their blinds are levelled – and uncomfortable sources for allergies. Not so, when the Leifheit Venetian blind cleaner Jalousetta is to be used. Thanks to its special shape it clasps two blinds at the same time and cleans four surfaces with only one wiping. The micro fibre cover absorbs dust and grabs it with its fine fibres. It prevents dust particles from whirling up and settling on another place on the floor. The fibres remove easily even persistent dirt like grease deposits – without scratching the sensitive surface. For the practical storing Jalousetta is equipped with a hanging loop.


  • Cleans Venetian blinds quickly and easily
  • Cleans 4 parts at the same time
  • Microfibre cover grabs dirt and dust

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