HOUZE - LIAO - Deluxe Window Cleaner Set

SKU: OCN-B130014

Material: Aluminum, Microfiber, Virgin Polypropylene
Dimension: 31L x 5W x 120H cm
Capacity: - Litre


Spritz and clean with LIAO - Deluxe Window Cleaner Set

Cleaning is made much easier with LIAO - Deluxe Window Cleaner Set! This handy cleaning material can hold its own water supply in a refillable canister. It has a swivel head mechanism and sprays straight front for an absolute clean. The flat head is made of microfiber and refillable so it stays new and reusable. This is perfect for hard floors and tiles and is a great addition to your cleaning tools.

LIAO -Deluxe Window Cleaner Set Features:

  • 100% super-absorbent and soft microfiber mop
  • Built-in refillable canister and easy lever hold to spray
  • Removable and refillable microfiber flat head
  • Swivel head and straightforward spray
  • Ergonomic handle for hassle-free mopping

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