[Set of 3] SoleMate - Stackable Shoe Box with Front Flip (White)

[Set of 3] SoleMate - Stackable Shoe Box with Front Flip (White)

: Unavailable

: SoleMate

: Modular Stacking Drawer

: MS-2551-WHITE x 3






  • (21L x 31.5W x 12H)cm each 
  • 21cm
  • 31.5cm
  • 12cm
  • 8885015877135

Easy stacking, easy storing

You’ll never go wrong with this SoleMate - Stackable Shoe Box with Front Flip (White), perfect for your growing shoe collection. It’s made of high quality 100% sturdy virgin polypropylene and made to carry heavy weight stacks. It has an ergonomic front flip design made of clear plastic so you can see what’s inside at a glance.

This shoebox is easy to assemble and foldable when not in use. The catch-lock ensures that your boxes are securely stacked together. It’s a space-saving option that lets you store shoes vertically to let up on some floor space. With air hole for odor prevention, this shoebox is an excellent addition to your neat home!

  • 100% virgin PP plastic
  • Look-through front flip lid for easy viewing of contents
  • Catch lock design helps you stack up boxes any way you want
  • Airhole to prevent dust, moisture and odor accumulation
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • Fits up to size 45 shoes

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