Vesper Hybrid Mattress

SKU: HW-Vesper-Hybrid-3ft

$799 $999

Firmness Rating:

7.0/10 - Perfect Firmness for All Sleeping Positions 

Mattress Dimensions (11 Inches):

Single: 90cm x 190cm x 28cm
Super Single: 107cm x 190cm x 28cm
Queen: 152cm x 190cm x 28cm
King: 183cm x 190cm x 28cm

Key Features:
Beat the Heat

Free yourself from disturbing, sweaty sleep and feel renewed with our unique cooling Tencel™ infused Mattress.

Goodbye, Backache!

Back pain during sleep? We don’t welcome that here. Vesper mattress offers optimum orthopedic support for your sleep and spine health.

Sleep like a baby

Awaken by your partner's tossing and turning? Fret not! The zero-motion transfer technology absorbs any shocks for many nights of restful sleep.


What's in the Mattress?
6-Layer Hybrid

The Perfect Balance between Comfort, Support, and Coolness.

Skillfully Engineered for all Body Types


  1.  Tencel Ice Silk Fabric - Specially made to adapt to the local weather
  2.  Cool Gel Memory Foam - Pressure Relieving Layer for Good Sleeping Posture
  3.  Natural Latex - Enables Air Circulation using Pin-Hole Structure
  4.  Transition Foam Layer - Even Weight Distribution throughout the Mattress
  5.  Individual Pocketed Spring - Perfect for Shared use - Zero Motion Transfer
  6.  Support Foam Encasement - Stability for Different Body Weights and Sleeping Positions
Peace of Mind
Oeko-Tex Certified

Standard 100 (20.HCN.26833)

Free from harmful levels of toxic substances. Guaranteed safe, reliable and comfortable.

Delivery Time

Free delivery to your doorstep, we will fulfil between 5 - 7 working days depending on stock availability.

100 Nights Free Trial

We offer a 100-day free trial for your ease! Try our mattress for as long as you want in a hundred nights.

Returns are simple and quick; we will pick up your mattress if you don't like it. No charges involved.

10 Year Warranty

Enjoy your mattress for as long as you want. Vesper offers a decade-long warranty.



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