Vi-Mask - Anti-Viral Nanotech Mask - Reusable Surgical Grade Mask - Pink

Vi-Mask - Anti-Viral Nanotech Mask - Reusable Surgical Grade Mask - Pink

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Vi-Mask is a NanoTech Anti-Viral Mask that provides resistance and high filtering performance against bacteria and viruses. Innovatively designed with sustainable materials, made with comfort and superior fit in mind.

  • Self-Disinfecting
  • High-Efficiency Filter
  • Hypoallergenic material
  • UV Protection
  • User-friendly Strap Design
  • Long-lasting wear
  • Gentle on skin
  • Quick Dry 


  • Medical Grade Mask (CE certified: CE EN 14683)
  • PM2.5
  • 99% Bacteria Filtration Efficiency
  • Oeko-Tex certified

Protected from
Dust, Smoke, Mould, Ash, Odour, Virus, Pollens, Bacteria, Allergens

Feature 1: Dual Patent Pending Technology
Vi-MASK has been tested effective against several types of viruses and bacteria. Eg Sars-CoV-2 (Covid-19), H1NI

Feature 2: Filtration Efficiency
Made with Nano Treated Fiber, Vi-MASK effectively blocks and protects from airborne particles such as PM0.3, PM 2.5, PM 10, pollens, dust, bacteria, viruses, and allergens.

Feature 3: Hypoallergenic Bamboo Lining
Vi-MASK is made with 100% Bamboo lining with cool technology. One of the softest fabrics on the planet - Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, high sweat-absorbent, UV protectant, and gentle on skin.

Feature 4: Vi-MASK is technically designed to offer the right fit for most face shapes with 5 Sizes Fit System that measures from the middle of the nose bridge to the chin. With an adjustable cord design to create a personalized comfort fit.

Feature 5: Vi-MASK is designed to be functional and stylish. Allowing hands-free convenience with mask hangs over the neck.

Feature 6: Vi-MASK is sustainably sourced and 100% Eco-friendly Oeko-Tex certified product-tested and certified. Free from toxic levels of more than 100 substances known to be harmful to human health.