Blow the Warm June Weather Away with Vornado

The Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) announced on the 16th of June that the warm and humid weather will continue until the end of the month. Source: CNA. The daily temperatures will rise up to 35 degrees celcius with little to no rain. 

We would like to introduce the Vornado Air Circulator to rescue you from the warm and humid weather in June. Children, if you are looking for the perfect father's day gift for your dad - this may be it!

With Vornado, you have more power, control and efficiency compared to other fans due to its efficient air circulating design.

6 things that set Vornado apart from the rest:

1) AirTensity Grill - The grill offsets the direction of the air as it twist off the blades. Allowing air to travel long distances for true whole room circulation.

2) Innovative Air Guide - Helps to focus air out of the front with a fully enclosed cylindrical duct. The column shape powers through hot and cold zones.

3) Unique Propeller - Deep pitch blades that churn through the air, maximising the amount of air moved with each turn.

4) Inlet Air Accelerator - Initiate Vortex Action with specific sized inlet which increases the volume of air moved per blade.

5) Circulation is constant - Powerful airflow to circulate all the air in the room. Air flows fast, cool and constant to create a cooling experience.

6) Oscillation is momentary - Unlike whole-room circulation, oscillation provides an intermittent breeze for those in the path of the air flow. 

All Vornado circulators come with a 5-year satisfaction guarantee for your comfort all year round.

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