Shoe Rack DIY Plans: Things to Consider

The online world has been occupied by many posts about DIY plans for different things. These things may include DIY decorations either for any occasion like party décor or for home decor, personal things, and the likes. We choose to do things by ourselves because of so many reasons. There are so many of us that want to utilize the materials we have in our house while others have real interests in it. One of the most popular things that people tend to do by themselves is the shoe rack. That is why they have their Shoe Rack DIY plans.

Why Do We Need to Have Shoe Rack?

Pairs of shoes scattered outside the door may look irritating to the eyes of the owner and may be shameful for the owner when there are visitors.

Shoe racks have been a very useful thing to organize our shoes. Whether we have only two pairs of shoes or a hundred pairs of shoes, to organize it is better than leaving them to mess on the ground. This may add as a decoration in your home if you have a beautiful shoe rack.

Why Choose to Have Shoe Rack DIY plans than to Buy It?

There are lots of stores that sell ready-made shoe rack or shoe boxes but we have our reasons why do we choose to do it ourselves rather than buying it. One of the reasons is that we want our shoe rack to have a touch of our interest. Sometimes, we cannot see any available shoe rack in the market that has a printed cartoon character that is our favorite. Another reason maybe is the size of our shoes. As for the seller of shoe rack, they might have the same sizes and sometimes, this is much larger or smaller than we need. Given these reasons, we need to consider many factors when we are making our shoe rack DIY plans.

Things to Consider When Making Shoe Rack DIY Plans

As we have mentioned above, there are some cases that we might consider when making our shoe rack DIY plans rather than choosing to buy a ready-made shoe rack in some store.

In this part, we will have you the things you might to consider when planning to DIY your shoe rack. Here are the following:

  1. Number of pairs of your shoes

    Of course, you will only be doing a shoe rack that can hold the number of your shoes. This will determine how big your shoe rack will be. You won't do a shoe rack that can only hold 10 pairs if you have 20 pairs of shoes. On the other hand, you won't create a shoe rack that can hold 100 pairs of shoes if you only have 10 pairs of shoes.

  2. Available Resource Material

    You can't make a shoe rack made of glass if you don't have available glass in your home. If the wood is the only available material, then you can utilize it. You have made your wanted shoe rack, at the same time; you have used the excess woods in your home.

    You may also need the tools in making your shoe rack like a hammer if you’re using nails or pliers if you’re using wires.

  3. The theme of Your Choice

    As mentioned earlier, one of the advantages of doing your shoe rack is that you can choose your theme. If what you wanted is a plain black one or as colorful as a rainbow shoe rack, you have the power to choose what theme to do. As of now, many of us wanted to have a uniform theme throughout our house that is why we want to do things on our own.

  4. Space where to put your shoe rack

    You might also consider the space in your house where to put your rack. If you have a small space, you might consider doing a shoe rack that is expanded vertically than expanded horizontally. In short, it can be a long in height rather than a wide big. If ever that you want to showcase how beautiful your DIY shoe rack is and you have a big space, then you make a larger shoe rack.

  5. The size of your shoe

    If what you are doing is customizing your shoe rack only that will be holding only your shoes, you can consider the sizes of your shoes. You might not want to do shoe racks that can only hold toddler's shoes if you are the one that will be using it.

These are the factors that we think are the best things to consider when making a shoe rack DIY plans. I know that there are still lots of factors to consider when planning to DIY anything but what matters most is your interest and your ability if you can do that amazing art because doing things on your own will let your artistry be molded.

I hope that this article had been a useful note to everyone who is planning to DIY a shoe rack. Good luck and let the artist side of ours be shaped.

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