HOUZE - FINDER - Leveler (300mm)

SKU: ODY-191511

Material: Magnesium aluminum alloy
Dimension: 30L x 5.5W x 2.3H cm
Capacity: - Litre

Get accurate measurements

To get accurate lines and straight measurements every time, use the FINDER - Leveler (300mm). It is a dedicated measuring device made of a metal alloy frame for strength, hardness, and durability. It provides high-precision measurements and does not deform easily.

The ergonomic design of this leveler is professional and attractive at the same time. It is portable and easy to carry around anywhere. This product is a measuring tool you definitely should own!

  • Reinforced metal alloy frame
  • Hardened for durability and strength
  • High-accuracy measurements without deformity
  • Ergonomic design with a professional and sleek look
  • Portable and easy to store

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