HOUZE - KLEAR Cosmetic Table Organiser

SKU: BN-7134

Material: Polystyrene
Dimension: 26L x 11W x 18H cm
Capacity: - Litre

Stack up your cosmetic favorites

Do you want your makeup items in one organized pile? This KLEAR Cosmetic Table Organiser helps you find all your cosmetic essentials in one place by arranging them in this 4-piece set that you can use independently or neatly stacked together. It has separate slots for brushes, lipsticks, a bottom box for creams and lotions, Q-tips and cotton slots, and more!

This product is made with excellent quality PS material and crystal-clear transparency so you can see contents at a glance. The black grid silicone material ensures that your makeup tools are protected from scratch. The Q-tip slot has a lid and handle for easy access.

This makeup table organizer is perfect for you!

  • High-quality and durable polystyrene material
  • Silicone black grid for lipstick/brush holder for scratch-free storage
  • Chic 4-piece design is stackable but may be used separately
  • Q-tip and cotton ball slot for easy access and storage
  • Highly transparent to see contents at a glance

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