Hari Raya Cleaning for hard-to-reach places with our Slim Aluminum Ladder

Hari Raya is a celebration celebrated by Muslim, falling at the end Ramadan, there is a lot of preparation work including cleaning of the house. Check out HOUZE and Table Matters Raya sale guide to spruce up your home with innovative homeware and tableware.

For many, there are some hard-to-reach places at home that is not properly cleaned due to a lack of cleaning tools such a ladder that is usually bulky and hard to be stored when unused.

We would like to introduce our HOUZE Slim Aluminium Ladder that is so slim that it is easy to store and stylish that it is “Instagrammable”. Why buy an ugly one that needs to stored away 24/7 when you can have a stylish ladder that will not look out of place in a contemporary house? Here are 6 reasons why you should invest in HOUZE’s stylish slim aluminium ladder.

1. It is “Instagrammable”.

Stylish enough for both indoors and outdoors. The HOUZE Slim Aluminium Ladder is sure to be the centre of attraction.

 2. Light Weight

Light enough to be lugged around by most. It doesn’t need a muscular guy to carry this around. Most people can carry this around with ease.

3. Use it as a display cabinet indoor when unused


A ladder that can double up as a display cabinet in your living room. Store your books or even use it as an elevated stand for your beautiful flower vase.

4. Use it as a shoe display


Have many expensive shoes at home that are worthy of display such as your Yeezy’s or Jordan’s? Now you have a perfect display ladder for your prized possessions.

5. Easy to Store

Finally a slim ladder that is easy to store when unused. No longer would you need a big space to store your ladders. No more excuse to put off buying a ladder for your home now. It’s essential for every household.

6. Built to be stable

Although slim and stylish, it’s also stable and can carry the weight. It is built to be stable and sturdy.


Here are the 6 reasons to buy the HOUZE Slim Aluminium Ladder today for your Hari Raya house cleaning especially for hard-to-reach places.

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