About Us


Realities of life require real solutions. With modern culture fanning the flames of consumerism, it is a fact that we now own more stuff than ever before – and in serious need for more storage.


At HOUZE, we believe in living larger with less (clutter). With an extensive range of over 500 stylish home organisation products, getting things organised your way has never been easier. From elegant storage containers to sophisticated washroom necessities, we have everything to help you welcome extra storage possibilities even in the smallest or most challenging spaces.


Our products on Household in Singapore is beyond functionality. Each product is a perfect synthesis of aesthetics, affordability and exceptional craftsmanship. Quality engineered to last and enduring designs you would never outgrow. So, start sorting your mess out, effectively and beautifully.


HOUZE. Make room for things that truly matter.




A wordplay on ‘House’, our brand name reflects our design approach of challenging the conventional with an element of fun. Who says chores has to be boring?