BBQ Aluminium Foil Tray with Drip Holes (Set of 3) - 338x230x25mm

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  • ( 33.8L x 23W x 2.5H )cm
  • 33.8cm
  • 23cm
  • 2.5cm
  • 6934710172181

No-mess bakeware with the BBQ Aluminium Foil Tray with Drip Holes

It’s pretty annoying to scrub debris stuck on pans and trays. Luckily this set of disposable BBQ Aluminium Foil Tray with Drip Holes can save you from the hassle. Made of durable quality aluminum with full curl rim, this bakeware is easy to carry and is rigid to grip. The bottom is made flat to fit oven surface, perfect for baking and reheating. Aluminum is food-grade and recyclable. Perfect for home use or catering to large parties!

Features of BBQ Aluminium Foil Tray with Drip Holes:

  • Made of 100% food-grade aluminum that is durable and recyclable
  • Multi-purpose—can be used in ovens, freezer and steam table
  • Disposable for hassle-free aftercare
  • Flat bottom and full curled rim keep ware rigid for easy gripping
  • Comes in different sizes and depth

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