(BUY 1 FREE 1pc Cushion) - HOUZE - Dalmation Tufted Cushion Cover (45L x 45W)

SKU: LS-9560,LS-9505-CUSHION

$28.90 $37.80

Our Illusion Tufted Pillow features a repeating continuous diamond-shaped pattern that starts from the middle and slowly becomes larger till it reaches the edge of the pillows. With an all-clean ivory design, the tufted diamond-shaped design stands out and the textures can be seen even from a distance, giving it a mystical, illusion-like design and adding a contemporary and relaxing touch to your home.

Cushion your back with the pillow which provides comfort and a matching aesthetic to your home!

As you sit comfortably on your sofa, lean back with comfy support or use it as a snuggly object to hold as you rest or watch a movie!

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