LEIFHEIT - Liquid Protect Varnished/Laminate 625ML L56503

SKU: L56503


Leifheit's Protect provides long-lasting protection to laminate and varnished wood floors, restoring and renewing the surface's protective layer and the wood's elegant appearance. A special colorless liquid, the polymer protective coating ensures that any water which comes into contact with the floor is repelled and the floor is protected from swelling. If no protection is applied to wood, the gaps between the joins can be especially prone to water damage and resultant swelling. Protect also works at preventing unattractive signs of wear and tear which can leave permanent damage on the floor. Protect comes in a ready-to-use cartridge which simply inserts into the Leifheit Protection Sprayer Care & Protect for use. The spray function will offer a clean application and even distribution of the liquid to the floor. This will protect and restore laminate and varnished wood flooring to its original lustre. Recommended for use every six months. The cartridge has a capacity of 625 ml and is sufficient for approx. 65 m2.


  • Special long-lasting protective care for varnished wood and laminate flooring
  • Applies a gentle and protective coating consisting of polymers
  • With water pearling effect: prevents ugly swelling damage to floors – even on the cut edges of joints
  • Prevents permanent signs of wear and tear
  • Recommended for use every six months
  • Sufficient for approx. 65 m2.

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