HOUZE - Clean Water Spin Mop


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Product Dimensions:
Bucket: (33.7L x 33.2W x 19H )cm
Handle: (110 - 130H  x 2.5W)cm
Mop: (26D )cm

Smart home addition
Introducing the Clean Water Spin Mop, design with dual bucket technology for separation of clean and dirty water. With just a single movement, press down to spin and pull up to clean, the mop will be ready to use in no time. Compact design allow thorough cleaning around hard to reach surface while consuming lesser water. Go smart while cleaning and never use dirty mop pad again.

- Save water by using only 2.5L water
- Dual bucket system - separates clean and dirty water
- Scrubbing pad helps to remove dirt on mop as you rinse
- Eco-friendly reusable microfiber mop pad
- Compact and easy to carry around the home
- Dual Usability - Dry mop for picking up dirt, dust or hair. Wet mop for removing stains or spills
- Suitable on all floor types
- ABS, PP, Metal Tube and Microfiber

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